a holiday gift guide

I guess Christmas will be scaled back this year. Here are some of my favorite items that make great gifts for yourself or for friends and family:

Reebok DMX Thrill

In two words: supreme comfort. All my walking shoes are Reebok, but this model takes the cake.


This award-winning alarm clock turns on and off by flipping it over. Featuring ON and OFF faces, LCD display and touch sensor snooze, it’s affordable and comes in a range of different colors. I love mine. There’s also a smaller travel version.

URBAN DECAY Born to Run eyeshadow palette

Since the beginning of COVID in March, I haven’t worn lipstick. Why bother when you wear a facemask? So I compensate by using lots of eyeshadow. Known for high-pigment, velvety color and blendability, UD eyeshadows have been a bestseller for years.


My new acquisition, purchased at my local pharmacy for just under 40 euros. You fill the reservoir with water and add drops of essential oil. It’s completely silent, and the fine mist that comes out fills the room with fragrance. See that blue color? It’s a soft ambient light that changes colors. The Puressentiel oils that I bought with it are Walk in the Forest (Atlas cedar, Cistus Rock Rose, Cypress and Siberian pine), Cocooning (Sweet orange, White grapefruit, Chinese cassia leaves, Bitter orange and Cinnamon bark) and Positive Energy.


I just bought this for myself at UNIQLO. It’s ultra-light and stylish because it’s MARIMEKKO. Of course you know who MARIMEKKO is: a Finnish design house celebrated for its original prints and colors since 1951. One of the first lifestyle brands in the world, Marimekko combines fashion, bags, and accessories as well as home décor into an expression of joyful living.

ANTIPODES – Protein-rich serum, avocado pear night cream, and this hand cream because we wash our hands ten times a day!

If you can find this brand, grab it because Antipodes is a plant-powered vegan beauty company from New Zealand. It uses pollution-free native New Zealand ingredients in its organic skincare range, and it’s great (award winning). Because I wash my hands ten times a day, I need to put on hand cream afterwards.



How fortunate (for me) that I live in a city with the best chocolatiers in the world.

In closing, don’t forget to make a donation to your favorite charity this Christmas:

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