walking home at night

I love walking home from work at night, all the more so now that the decorations are up. We so need joy and illumination in our lives right now. Joy to the world! Fa la la … Christmas is coming …

This is the route I take home every night. People seemed to be drawn to those light rods.

What I particularly like about the Esplanade is that it’s car-free.

I work in a concrete jungle. But I like it. Growing up as I did in North America, I guess I’m used to tall buildings, glass and steel.

Here’s our building’s elevator with an air purifier in it. Below is my office space and desk where I spend 37.5 hours a week. Note the most important item on the windowsill: my Nespresso machine!

Here are two of my colleagues (Franco-Lebanese). He makes me laugh all day long.

2 thoughts on “walking home at night

    • Yes, Cordy, I did that all on my own; with the help of no one. I look forward to seeing you over Christmas. Speak soon.

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