you’re fired!

Donald J. Trump: you are fired!

Bye-bye, you big blowhole. You never deserved the role of President. You and your grifter family members were utterly unqualified for the exalted positions that you cheapened and despoiled.

Now, dégage !  (bugger off!)

We don’t want to see you ever again, unless it’s from the inside of a jail cell.

Advisor to the President of the United States: focusing on “the education and economic empowerment of women and their families as well as job creation and economic growth through workforce development, skills training and entrepreneurship”.

First Lady of the United States of America:

6 thoughts on “you’re fired!

  1. And the (former) first lady:

    • Apparently, yes. None of the above seems to bother them. They’re all OK with his endless lies, race-baiting, mocking the disabled, putting children in cages, pulling out of the Paris climate agreement, calling the military ‘losers’, supporting the Pride Boys, bragging about grabbing women by the pussy, not paying taxes. And bungling the Covid crisis. The list is too long, it exhausts me. The entire world is exhausted by this utterly incompetent and morally bankrupt sociopath.

  2. Am sooooo happy that Biden won but OMG 70 million people chose this orange mess – I can’t stomach that!!!

    • It’s scary, isn’t it? I think this reality needs to be addressed because it shows an underbelly of American society that is dangerous and frightening. Donald Trump appealed to that fringe of society. Look back to Germany in the 1930s. We need to make sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

      Have a very good week! Thanks for commenting!
      Take care.

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