total lockdown again, sort of

They’re calling it “lockdown light”, it starts Thursday night at midnight and it’s due to last until December 1st. Four weeks. We’ve just finished watching President Macron on the 8 o’clock TV news. It’ll be different from the March-April-May lockdown, a lot less severe. All schools will remain open as well as government offices and certain stores (but which ones?) Things aren’t clear yet. Until I get to my place of work tomorrow, I don’t know what my employer’s decision is. Will I stay home? Will I continue going to work?

One thing is sure: we have to fill out those damned “Attestation” certificates again every time we go outside; if not we risk a hefty fine. Last time, I was writing them out by hand because I don’t have a printer at home. Tomorrow, I’ll print out a bunch at the office.

For some strange reason, I have no recollection of the two months and 20 days I stayed at home during the severe lockdown from mid-March, April, May. All I remember is the weather: it was gorgeous, cold, sunny and dry (and we were confined to our homes in a form of house arrest.) I remember birdsong, total quiet, clean air, no street traffic. I cooked, ate and cleaned a lot. Listened to the radio a lot. Blogged and emailed with friends far and wide (and local.) Managed to advance enormously on my book project. Every day at 5 pm watched Hercule Poirot on TV. And every night just before 8 pm stood on the balcony to clap for the carers and medical staff. There. I’ve just remembered what I did.

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