I have no desire whatsoever to visit the United States of America

I am horrified – aghastwe all are, at the terrible things going on in that once-great country. I used to go to the USA all the time, I have friends and relatives there; now, it’s the last place I want to visit. Your country scares the hell out of me.

“Make America great again!” said Trump. Are you kidding me?

All those senseless, egregious killings of black people … what the hell is going on?? How can those racist killer-cops do what they do with impunity? Why are they not serving jail sentences for murder? Where’s the justice?

Here are the latest casualties. Note that these three individuals were unarmed: Ahmaud was jogging. Breonna was sleeping in her bed. George was sitting in a car.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old man who died after a white Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for approximately nine minutes while he was handcuffed and lying chest down on the road.

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical technician. Shot eight times inside her own home by Louisville police officers after they entered her apartment with a drug warrant looking for someone else.

Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old man, killed by two trigger-happy residents while jogging in south Georgia. Gregory McMichael, one of the accused, was an ex-cop.

Since when is jogging, sleeping in one’s own bed or sitting in a car considered a crime?What were their crimes? That they were black? Is being black a crime in the USA?

And while we’re on the subject of crimes, let’s not forget the depraved President and his repulsive cohort-conspirator, Mitch McConnell. The following words come to mind when I think of them: evil, profiteering, morally-bankrupt, white-collar thugs. How anyone could vote for Donald J. Trump is utterly incomprehensible to me. In fact, it’s not even Trump I blame, it’s the people who voted for him and put him in the White House.

Taylor Swift tweeted this re Trump  – After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? We will vote you out in November.

We used to love and even look up to the USA. No longer. The good times are a distant memory now.


16 thoughts on “I have no desire whatsoever to visit the United States of America

  1. among the latest outrages over the last several hours

    • My god, that state patrol unit looks like something out of Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. Good thing the whole event was filmed. So the CNN crew was arrested for … reporting the news?

  2. Evidently, they were ordered to leave the area…and allegedly did not move quickly enough…though the video appears to show full cooperation, and no move toward confrontation on the part of the reporter or crew.

  3. Hypocritically uncivilised.. the extreme culture upsets me… I used to follow their news quite alot but lately have a sinking feeling that they will re elect the current president and I need to just live in my bubble if that happens

    • Oh, no, no, no! The world could not tolerate another 4 years of that boy-man’s face. He needs to be removed from the world stage, disappear quietly into the woodwork and never be seen or heard from again. Donald Trump is a mistake that needs to be corrected.

      • I know… right now as external observers.. Im clinging on to prayers only… ugh makes me sick!

  4. We used to enjoy rambles down the Pacific coast, trips to New York, New Mexico, and hoped for more. But not now. I read an article recently, Guardian I think, that said Trump has exposed the fault lines of that country. And they’re raw, ugly. I never believed he’d be elected in the first place but obviously I was naive about the nature of a country I always thought was civilized.

    • We all did, Theresa. I particularly loved New Mexico. In all fairness though, and if I’m not mistaken, I think it was Hillary Clinton who won the popular vote, but Trump who became Prez on account of that dumb electoral college vote, whatever that is.

      • Yes, she did win the popular vote. But there were–are– SO MANY PEOPLE who support the Trump administration and they’re not going away. It’s so depressing.

  5. This is not a black problem, it’s an AMERICAN problem, black and white. Those cops need to be arraigned immediately.

    • Thank GOD that monster, Derek Chauvin, has been put in jail where he belongs. Finally. They took their time to do it though.

  6. You are all right. America has a horrendous white supremacist problem. But our government has been hijacked by corrupt businessmen and politicians who are connected by a worldwide crime syndicate. Many in the Republican Party have ties to foreign dark money donors. You could easily say that their donors are the politicians now. They are calling the shots. They have been the focus but there may be some Democrats involved as well. This has been going on in America for decades. It’s very likely they have slowly changed laws by cheating and obstructing Congress and now that Trump is there he takes orders. Russians call what they are doing active measures. In other words they attack from all directions to create confusion and chaos.

    Hillary Clinton was right when she said there was a worldwide right wing conspiracy going on. It’s been described as an international crime syndicate masquerading as a government. They are against ALL democracies. We have to find a way to unite to protect democracy worldwide.

    I would recommend reading “Dark Money” @JaneMayer@NYer, anything by @ronanfarrow and @carolcadwalla. She has a great TED talk about how the same people who have hurt the U. S. are doing the same in Britain. Also “House of Trump, House of Putin” by @craigunger, “Dirty Rubles” by @gregolear. If you are on twitter @ZevSalev, @sarahKendzior, and @lincolnsbible keep up daily. These journalists are risking everything to alert us all.

    Sarah Kendzior and Carole Cadwalladr have riveting information. Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa have a podcast called Gaslit Nation. They archive all the episodes and are experts on autocratic leaders and society. Oh, and my favorite book is by a Canadian. I believe she the Canadian foreign minister. Her book ‘Plutocrats’ sets the stage. She notes that these people (or the syndicate) do not have an allegiance to a country only ‘their business” dealings.

    These people are in every democracratic country in the world. They used a data mining firm called Cambridge Analytica in England. Steve Bannon, Brad Parscale, and others are working in France, and Italy,etc. They are part of the Trump Administration. This company is what is being reported by many these journalist as who created Brexit and stole the U.S. election. Carol Cadwalladr does a lot of reporting on this.

    Educate yourselves because their goals are worldwide. They will take your country’s weaknesses and use that to infiltrate. Please don’t look away. Some believe that Covid-9 is being used against us by our own government. This is bioterroism. America will win with the poplular vote again but these people will do anything to win. We are fighting for our lives literally.

    • Hey Genna, thanks so much for your informative and insightful comment.

      I’d like to see that entire Trump family locked up, and others too. It’ll never happen though. I’ve seen videos of Steve Bannon here in France, rubbing shoulders with Marine Le Pen of the National Front extreme right-wing political party. I think all of these people are truly evil.

      I will read some of the books you suggested. As for Carol Cadwalladr, I’m a fan of hers. A year ago, in April 2019, I posted her excellent TED Talk on my blog in which she lambasts the Silicon Valley tech giants. I titled the post ‘Fuck Facebook’, here’s the link below.

      Thanks so much for commenting! Good luck out there, it’s a goddamn savage world we live in.


      • Thank you Juliet for your response and thank you for writing that article about Facebook. Just seeing it and will read it soon. They have caused so much damage. There are rumors that FB was funded by a a rich Russian so that makes sense. Hoping the slow arm of the wheel of justice catches up with all of them. I have enjoyed your blog for years and love the pictures. Miss being able to go to Europe. Lived there for awhile. Thank you for your kind words. We are fighters and won’t give in. Take care.

  7. The country is exploding. It is frightening and enlightening and no one in their right mind would choose to visit it now. Why? It is pariah nation. The world can see more clearly now what a stinking mess it is.

    It is heartbreaking to live here.

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