lockdown gradually lifts in Europe

kids running

I love this photograph taken by Josep Lago/AFP via Getty Images of two girls and a dad running through the streets of Barcelona. You can feel their energy and exhilaration at being let outside after 45 days of lockdown. Poor kids.

Yes, all over Europe now restrictions are slowly being relaxed; there’s a tingle of excitement in the air. Yesterday, the French prime minister announced a progressive but tightly controlled exit plan.

“A fine line must be followed,” he said. “Too much carelessness, and the epidemic restarts. Too much caution, and the country sinks.” Since some parts of the country had been hit far harder than others, lockdown measures will be lifted by area, with regions classified as red, orange or green depending on their infection level.

Next blog post: a beautiful open letter written by Tatiana de Rosnay, author of the bestseller book, Sarah’s Key. I’m translating it for you now.



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