a beautiful day, weather wise

You wouldn’t believe the weather here. It’s perfect! And here we are in lockdown, stuck inside. We’re allowed out only one hour a day, and within a one-kilometer radius of our home. If we get stopped by the cops without our Attestation – properly filled out, dated, signed and timed – we’ll be issued a fine of 135 euros.

Of course the date MONDAY MAY 11 is on everyone’s minds, that’s the day the government officially loosens the lockdown, at least partially, and it hasn’t been decided yet for who exactly. Erring on the side of caution, the government wants to take it slow because the risk of a second COVID wave is very real.

Yesterday, my exciting hour out was a trip to the Post Office (yoohoo!) But it was closed. And it was real sad to walk past all the shuttered shops, cafés and restaurants as well as my two local florist shops. I’ve been hankering for fresh-cut flowers since mid-March. Tomorrow, I’ll walk to my local organic food supermarket. Today I went out from 4 to 5 pm with my camera and took a few local shots. Impossible to stay indoors because of the magnificent weather.






This woman was wearing pink rubber dish gloves. And guess what she wore on her face? A matching pink face mask! Ah, those Parisians … even in the midst of a pandemic they manage to stay chic.

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