48 hours in Paris, a Londoner explores

I love the energy of this video (the guy is cute, too.) The exuberance of this Londoner coming to Paris reminds me of me when I go to visit London.

As one of the commenters of this video wrote: I live in Paris and I approve this content.

P.S. However, I categorically refuse to eat frogs’ legs!


3 thoughts on “48 hours in Paris, a Londoner explores

  1. I loove this vlog! you always find really cool things to watch on youtube… this is how I feel when in Paris by the way, a desire to eat non-stop in boulangeries and farmer’s markets, and shop incessantly… I’ve recently started intensive French classes too and really enjoying it….

    • That’s great that you’re taking French classes. If you have any questions, let me know! That guy ate and drank A LOT, don’t you think? Wow. He has also done vlogs in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, London, Bangkok and other places. Take care and très bon dimanche.

      • You’re right and it looked so delicious.. except maybe the frog legs as you say haha.. but its a video that makes me long to live in Paris for three months or so… re French classes… oof j’aime la langue… cest belle.. mais c’est ne facille… haha I go mad thinking of genders and order of adjectives pre or post noun… eeks you are a genius to have mastered it the way you do!! Alo bonne journe 🥰

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