summer fruit, heatwave gone

It rained all night and the temperature plunged dramatically from 42°C to 22°C, can you believe it? Bliss! How wonderful it was to throw a blanket onto the bed and curl up under the covers. Fingers crossed that that’s the last we’ll see of that horrible heatwave.

July and August are my favorite months in Paris. Why? Because the city, and my neighborhood in particular, empties of Parisians. Suddenly a quiet descends and it’s wonderful. Families head to the mountains, the seaside, the countryside and those left behind can breathe and reclaim the city.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to walk to my local Sunday market to stock up on fresh fruit. Melons are in abundance this summer, Monoprix was selling them for a euro apiece last week. Here are some photos from my last visit to my local Sunday morning market –


Mountains of Cavaillon melons from the Vaucluse region side by side with peaches, cherries and heaps of fragrant basil. I plan to make a batch of pesto as well as tomato sauce from scratch.

IMG_4837IMG_4855IMG_4853IMG_4839We’re spoiled for choice in this land of abundance. Here’s a trio of fresh-caught rouget, bass and shrimp (prawns). IMG_4860IMG_4852IMG_4859

I can’t get enough of these cherry tomatoes, they are “extra“!

I came across this stall where the most beautiful hand-woven baskets were being sold. The saleswoman told me they were made from plastic. Which means not only durable, but waterproof (great for the beach). I also loved her rings and bracelets.

IMG_4871These ones you could slip your laptop into. Or papers and magazines.IMG_4879She works with a Mexican associate, she told me, hence the bright colors.IMG_4875IMG_4869

I loved them. Unfortunately I had no cash left. Even though I have a surplus of carry-all bags, I’ll return next Sunday to buy one.


Here’s the smoothie I made when I got home: melon, papaya, apple, coconut milk, orange juice and ginger-root. As usual, I forgot the mint. Why do I always forget to buy fresh mint?


7 thoughts on “summer fruit, heatwave gone

    • I know. I went there this morning hoping that the woman would be there selling her bags, but alas she wasn’t. I don’t know if I’ll ever come across her stand again.

  1. Great pictures, J….thanks for sharing. We love the street markets when we visit…we buy very little food however, since the only cooking we do is breakfast in our rented apartment…and in late September, early October, when we are in Paris, there is not much fresh fruit to be found.

    • That is true, but what’s great about these markets is their seasonality. In late September and early October, for example, you’ll find a wonderful choice of mushrooms (mushroom omelettes for breakfast!) as well as chestnuts and hardier fruits. But to be honest, those outdoor markets are becoming too expensive. I’ve just come back from my local Sunday market where I paid 39 euros for a bunch of fruit and veg; it would’ve been cheaper at Monoprix (and the quality just as good.)

  2. Ahhh those bags are lovely but hope one day hopefully you will crop by my part of the world (South East Asia) where the artisan markets will sell so many of these gorgeous bags!

    • I would love to visit South East Asia … or any part of Asia, for that matter. I’ve never been, and I know I’m missing out on something wonderful.

      • Ahh there will be time, dont worry and the weather is warm usually throughout the year so its a great escape from Europe during winter. Feel free to let me know if you’d like some tips if you plan to go!

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