The Lemon Tree writing retreat (that I never went to) in Italy

A few years ago I entered a writing contest. Weeks later, a person contacted me to say that I had ‘won’ a coveted spot in a writing retreat nestled on a Tuscan hillside (I dislike the word ‘nestled’ and never use it, but it seems appropriate here.)

Of course I was over the moon, but it turns out there was a misunderstanding. I thought the placement was free (because I had ‘won’ it), but it wasn’t so. In the end I didn’t go because it was too expensive. But here’s the place if anyone’s interested, it’s pretty gorgeous.


Deep in the countryside on the border of southern Tuscany and Umbria, the retreat includes all meals, wine and cocktail hours, yoga, beautiful-looking private rooms, and day trips to Florence and Siena.  In total there are around fifteen writers, all working on their own projects.

The next residency dates are Sept-Oct 2019 and May 2020.

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