Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

What a breath of fresh air. There’s something about this woman that puts a smile on my face. How I love a smart, straight-talking, fearless woman!



5 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC)

  1. Hopefully, she is a flash in the pan. Her direction for the Democratic Party can only guarantee another 4 years for Trump and his ilk. The United States body politic needs moderation, not extremism from the Right, and certainly not from the Left. Let AOC froth all she wants, but with the return of good, common sense, she will wither and phase out.

    • Sherman, You are American, so I defer to your opinion. However some of her ideas closely resemble those in Europe and the Nordic countries. What’s so bad about that? (We live very well here.)

      • What works for Europe based upon its history may be fine for Europe. America has from the start been a country in which private property rights and individual initiative have been part of our foundation. We are not without fault, as our history also tells those who care enough to look. But, while we can possibly benefit from some economic changes involving government leadership, our founders specifically created a Republic which was designed to minimize government interference over individual liberties.
        I do agree that we need a better, more widely available health system. But, even in Europe, the friends I have who are European tell me that they cannot get the care they need without private pay subsidies. In short, there is no free lunch.
        AOC strikes me as young and dedicated, but without the practical experience to overcome her naivete.

      • Understood. What then, in your opinion, could guarantee the end of Trump and Republican reign once their 4 years is up?

  2. Juliet, you have asked the prime question. There is no guarantee in politics…especially with a President as venal as Trump and a large base to match. My mantra since his election has been that the Democratic Party needs its own base of mid stream moderates, with a platform that will sweep in Independent voters as well as wavering conservatives and progressives. That is a tall order and probably not achievable, given the nature of tribal politics today.

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