shopping in Lisbon – Part II


Portugal is a shopper’s paradise. Why? Low prices, fine quality, and original items that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Textiles, bed linens, hand-embroidered cottons, soaps, hand-painted tiles, carpets … the list is long. Towards the end of my trip I had to buy a second suitcase in which to put my purchases. I bought gifts for friends, office colleagues, my concierge, the kids … and for myself, of course 🙂



Located at number 274 Rua da Prata, this shop is filled with gorgeous handcrafted woollen goods. It’s called Chi Coracao. Blankets, shawls, capes, women’s and men’s wear, rugs, scarves … all handmade from wool in beautiful colors.


I purchased two throw rugs. This one in blue and another in light gray.


You can find wine shops selling this delicious porto everywhere. Not just a dessert wine, it’s also a pleasant sipping wine, perfect for an apéritif served with olives, nuts, etc.


Colorful tins of sardines are also sold everywhere, Portugal being the sardine capital of Europe, if not the world.


These beautifully-wrapped fragrant soaps make great gifts. I bought a lot.


Handmade and handpainted ceramics and dishware. Love these colors. Part of a collection of mugs, plates, bowls, etc., I purchased this single small platter.


Before we move on to the Algarve, here are some last random photos of Lisbon. During the three days I was there the weather was gorgeous: warm with a constant cool wind blowing in off the Tagus River.








I flew with Joon, Air France’s new low-cost airline, from Paris to Lisbon for 135 euros one-way. The flight is around two hours, ten minutes. I returned with Easyjet from Faro to Paris, paying 114 euros for a one-way ticket. I really like Easyjet and will become a member. The plane I took was a brand-new Airbus with lots of leg room.

Next post – onwards to the Algarve!

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