Trump: the human wrecking ball

Trump, the human wrecking ball, swinging back and forth destroying things. And that is fitting because it is what he did in his previous career. He demolished buildings, oftentimes historic and beautiful ones, only to erect garish monoliths in their place (with the name TRUMP stamped all over.)

Fifth Avenue Bonwit Teller: Opulence Lost (from The New York Times) – “To build his signature Trump Tower, he first had to knock down the Bonwit Teller building. Designed in 1929 as the Stewart & Company store, it had an entranceway that was a stupendously luxurious mix of limestone, bronze, platinum and hammered aluminum. The face of the building featured two huge Art Deco friezes that the Metropolitan Museum of Art wanted to preserve. The museum asked Trump to save the sculptures and donate them, and the mogul agreed – as long as the cost of doing so wasn’t too high.”

“But then Trump discovered that taking out the sculptures would delay demolition by two weeks. He wasn’t willing to wait. On his orders, the demolition workers cut up the grillwork with acetylene torches. Then they jackhammered the friezes, dislodged them with crowbars, and pushed the remains inside the building, where they fell to the floor and shattered in a million pieces. The art world was shocked.”

And now, like a puerile, perverse, oversized and orange-haired Dennis the Menace, he has wrecked the Iran deal. Why? Because his intention is to unravel much, if not all, of Barack Obama’s legacy.

Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Iran deal could place the lives of Americans – and people around the world – in danger.

Never has the USA had such a visionless, backward-looking, unsophisticated and just plain mean President as Trump, a man utterly unqualified for the job. Listening to Hubert Védrine on the radio yesterday, here’s one thing out of many that he said – “Trump and his cohorts will never forgive Iran for 1979.”

Adviser to Presidents, Védrine was France’s Foreign Minister from 1997 to 2002. Known for his candor, when Védrine speaks, people listen. (Sometimes too candid, what he says is not generally printed in the world press). Here are some other nuggets from yesterday’s radio interview on France Inter

  • This deal illustrates the real world which is the strategic alignment between the American Neoconservatives and Israel’s Likud party, the same doctrine and the same politics which led us into the Iraq war in 2003.
  • The argument of Trump to claim that Iran organizes terrorism today is to exonerate the Sunni forces of terrorism (financed by Saudi Arabia Wahhabism.)
  • The United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel do not want Iran to return to the international game. They want Iran to fall.
  • Trump is a selfish, brutal utilitarian who does not care about the external repercussions of his decisions.

The bottom line is that the American President is being used by nefarious hard-liners, warmongers and ultra-conservative zealots inside and outside of the USA.

He has succeeded in one thing: tarnishing the image of America worldwide. Now, when we see Americans abroad, we sort of feel sorry for them. This was not the case before.

If opposition parties don’t get their acts together, Trump could well serve a second term.

Here are two articles to read: in The Guardian, The Iran deal: how Trump’s actions could flare violence in the Middle East, and in Foreign Policy, Here’s What to Expect Now That Trump has Withdrawn from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Read them and weep.

Here’s What to Expect Now That Trump Has Withdrawn From the Iran Nuclear Deal

4 thoughts on “Trump: the human wrecking ball

  1. Trump’s supporters are a rabid bunch – when Trump said he could stand and shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his voters would stick with him – he was right. Now with the big fanfare over the release of 3 Koreans from North Korea his approval rating goes up.
    More astute observers see the connections here and also as you cited – but most Americans are clueless
    to the destruction of democracy as we know it via Trump.

    • I partially blame the American media, Robin, for not supplying sufficient in-depth coverage and analysis. Or maybe this does exist, but some people are too lazy to read (short attention spans?) Whenever I’m in the States, I’m always a little bit shocked by the lack/absence of serious political talk shows and in-depth discussion. Soundbites and sensationalism seem to be more important than substance.

      • Yes, so true about US media – see recent comment on horrific Gaza killings. But Americans in general are anesthesized to violence and corruption. Another school shooting spree today – yet no effort at gun curtailment.

      • After the Florida school shooting, there was some significant action that involved school walkouts and mass protests, etc. And then it sort of fizzled out. What happened to that movement and those student activists?

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