part four – more Holland


I think I’m a wanderer at heart, a gypsy-spirit … no, I know I am. Truly happiest with a knapsack on my back and a camera slung around my neck. I could travel forever.

Do you want to know the number one reason why I live and work in France? Seven (7) paid vacation weeks a year was and still is the deal-clincher.



Strolling around the neighborhood near my hotel one sunny Sunday morning, I came across an inviting café-bookstore. Music-filled, lots of wood and divided into different sections, you could buy and read books, drink coffee and eat little cakes all day long. The place had such a pleasant laidback vibe, I returned every day for the rest of my stay in The Hague.


I sat in this cozy corner and read these two books (after purchasing them.) Cappuccino was brought to me on a little wooden platter.


What was funny was this name directly above my head (watching over me?)


Jongbloed in English is Youngblood. It’s the name my father gave to his publishing company (in Toronto). He would have been tickled pink to see this.


8 thoughts on “part four – more Holland

    • And my conundrum this summer is where to go! Back to Holland? To London like I do every summer? Italy will be too crowded in August. I’ll probably be broke after Portugal so maybe will stay close to home in August and just go to Belgium …

      • Right? Hard to choose…I loved Croatia, esp. Istria…Maybe worth a visit. Slovenia right next door. Gorgeous coastline.

      • I have heard that it’s beautiful, but to be honest, I have problems visiting places where only a few decades ago (from 1991 to 1995) a terrible war and genocidal activities took place. I’d like to visit Slovenia, I have a colleague from there. Or is it Slovakia?

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