in memory of Christine Archibald


This beautiful young Canadian woman, Christine Archibald, who by sheer misfortune happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, was one of the victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack.

Christine was from British Columbia. She had moved to London to be with her fiancé. She had her whole life ahead of her: marriage, children, plans, happiness. And now she’s dead.

She could’ve been me. Or you.

I leave for London on Saturday. When there, I walk across the London Bridge to visit one of my favorite markets, Borough Market, located underneath the bridge. There are many posts on this blog chronicling my visits there.

I hope that Christine’s parents will hire lawyers and sue the British government for gross negligence, major security laxes, failing to protect civilians and, most importantly, for turning a blind eye to the jihadi breeding grounds created on British soil. Because these attacks (including the May Manchester attack and the March Westminster attack) are homegrown

Prime Minister Theresa May pledged a new era of clamping down on terrorism as she declared “enough is enough” and condemned the “evil” of the perpetrators.

Sorry, Theresa. Too late and not good enough. We’re sick of the platitudes that come out of the mouths of politicians. We want a 10-Point Action Plan now (a decade ago would’ve been better.) One measure most U.K. citizens want to see is to strip Islamist jihadists of their British nationality and expel them from Europe. Ditto for hate-preaching imams. Why is this tolerated?


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