Fillon gets flour-bombed in Strasbourg

fillon farine

Why do French protesters throw flour at their politicans?

Because of the expression “rouler quelqu’un dans la farine” which literally means “to roll someone in flour.” In other words, to dupe, cheat or trick someone.

And that’s how many people feel about presidential candidate and ex-Prime Minister, François Fillon. Presenting himself to the public as Mr. Clean, we later learned that he allegedly siphoned off more than one million euros by setting up bogus jobs for his wife and their two oldest children (parliamentary assistant jobs funded by the taxpayer).

Since then he’s been charged with other offences ranging from embezzlement, hiding assets, misuse of public funds, misuse of corporate assets and failing to declare his assets to a public watchdog. Evidence suggests nearly four decades of criminality.

But the most astonishing thing is that he’s still running for President of France … and a large segment of citizens continue to support him.

Today, while attending a meeting in Strasbourg, a disgruntled citizen threw flour in his face.

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