the Marais, hot chocolate, a new shoe store, and two wine bar bistros


I met a friend the other day for hot chocolate at Pozzetto, the Italian café located at 16 rue du Vieille du Temple in the Marais district. Their hot chocolate is straight out of Italy: deliciously unsweet and so thick it’s almost pudding-like. They also serve tasty sandwiches and pastries. I like this place because it’s super-clean, friendly, and reasonably-priced. The nearest metro station is Saint Paul on the number 1 line.


As we were leaving Pozzetto, I spied a shoe shop directly across the road. My radar lit up. Gorgeous shoes. I made a beeline for the place. I had to try on those blue suede boots I saw in the window.


Gawgeous, no? The last time I bought a pair of boots for myself was in December 2013 when I was in Antwerp.

I’ve always loved beautiful footwear. When my mother bought me new shoes when I was a young girl, I wouldn’t wear them straight away. I’d stand them on my dresser so that I could admire them while lying in bed, just before sleep and when I woke up in the morning.

The store and the brand name is WHAT FOR.


WINES BARS AND RESTAURANTS (reasonably-priced)

Here are two tried and trusted favorite addresses of mine in the Marais, right near Saint Paul metro station.


La Tartine is an authentic, atmospheric wine bar (bistro style from the 1920s) that serves open-faced sandwiches, called a ‘tartine’, onion soup, salads and other dishes, hot and cold. The wine is good and served in different-sized carafes. I’ve read that sometimes the service isn’t great with the occasional surly waitperson, and other times it’s the opposite. Located directly on the busy rue de Rivoli, number 24.


Another cozy, authentic place that calls itself a true Parisian bistro. Located at number 12 Rue du Bourg Tibourg, 4th arrondissement. Because it’s a small place, reservations are essential (but you can always try to get in without one.) Lots of wood: wooden bar, small wooden tables, tiled floor. Excellent wine list.

UPDATE – Le Coude Fou is no longer. It’s a Mexican restaurant now.

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