do countries get the governments they deserve?

“Every country has the government it deserves.”

Is this true?

Does the USA really deserve Toxic Trump?

If it wasn’t for that stupid Electoral College, Hillary Clinton would be President today. Because she won the popular vote by 2.9 million. (More Americans voted for Hillary than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.) So no, the above adage is not true … at least not for the 48.2% of Americans who voted Hillary. They did not get the government they felt they deserved. 

During a visit to the northern city of Tourcoing this morning, François Fillon was welcomed by protesters and the clanging of pots and pans (see video below.) In any other modern, democratic country, a politician would resign after being caught out like Fillon has. But not in France. It’s true that a large proportion of the French electorate (62%) is so desperate to see the back of President Hollande and the Socialist Party, they will vote for Catholic Conservative Fillon and overlook his “financial irregularities.” And then there are others who will vote for him despite the corruption allegations.

When I asked my non-French office colleague how this could be, she replied, “It doesn’t bother them; the French don’t consider fraud or corruption a big deal. The general consensus here is that everybody does it. You’re just unlucky if you get caught.”

This deplorable attitude is changing now. I don’t believe that Fillon will win. The French are fed up with elitist thieving, privileges and the misappropriation of public funds.

Fillon was Prime Minister of France from 2007 to 2012, during the presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy.  

In this video filmed this morning, you’ll see a Frenchman wearing glasses and a red sweatshirt. He’s standing inches away from a cop shouting “I’m a native from Tourcoing. This is my town hall. I pay my taxes. Stop pissing us off. Towards you, I’m polite. You piss me off!”

Notice how the cop does nothing. Had the man been black or Arab in a poor, disadvantaged neighborhood, the cops would have brutalized him. Sodomizing black and Arab men with a baton seems to be the latest police practice here. But that’s a whole other subject.

His pal then shouted “This town is not a town of crooks!” (Cette ville n’est pas une ville de truands!)

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