De Niro vs Trump

At long last, as the presidential election heads into the home stretch, and on the heels of the scandalous “lewd remarks” tape, there is now a big groundswell of anti-Trump sentiment. The New York Times is eviscerating him, as is The Washington Post (what took them so long?) This man, the deeply immoral Trump, is toast. The thing is this: he should never have been there in the first place. He had no right to be standing alongside any of the presidential candidates from day one, least of all opposite Hillary Clinton after the primaries. Trump is a deviant, an anomaly, a disgrace. Enabled by the Republican Party.

Like everyone else on this planet, I’m a HUGE De Niro fan. I’ve got most of his films in my DVD collection – Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, The Deerhunter, Goodfellas, Heat, Casino, The Score…oh my goodness, the list is just too long to mention. In one word, Robert De Niro is a giant. He’s also, in his private life, a reserved, taciturn man. So when he speaks, people listen up.

In what was supposed to be a neutral video clip encouraging Americans to vote, Mr. De Niro sort of went off script. But he spoke from the heart.

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