bye-bye, London, see you soon

I’ve been back in Paris a week now. It’s hard to return to the confines of the office after being free, outdoors, and walking vigorously for ten days. Already I miss the big trees and parks of London. But it’s my salary (plus the generous vacation leave here) that allows me to take my trips, so I’m not complaining.

Speaking of walking, I mentioned in my April New York post that while there I purchased two pairs of super-comfortable REEBOKs. Well, guess what? I bought an even more comfortable pair in London! They’re the latest model and they’re called REEBOK CLOUDRIDE DMX. I paid only £59. I recommend them (tried and tested!) A good walking shoe is important, especially when you walk on pavement.


Here are some final, random shots of London…until the next time. Thanks for reading.


It’s a funny thing. When you’re in London you feel like you’re in a separate country, a thriving, cosmopolitan world of its own. Sometimes I forget that the rest of England is attached. So it was with a jolt, while waiting for the Eurostar to take me back to Paris at St. Pancras station, that I looked up at the train departure boards and saw the name of my mother’s native city staring me in the face. Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. This is where my people are from, on my mother’s side. My father was from further north, from Northumberland County bordering Scotland to the north and the North Sea to the east.


2 thoughts on “bye-bye, London, see you soon

  1. Thanks so much for this. We love your photos and commentary and will definitely be making a trip to this most diverse city soon. Keep up the good work.

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