A truck driver of North African origin pulls up to the security barrier that blocks vehicles from entering the Promenade des Anglais. “I’m delivering ice cream,” the truck driver of North African origin says to the cops. And despite the entire country being on HIGH TERRORIST ALERT because of Bastille Day celebrations and advance warnings of an imminent attack, the cops wave him through.

They do not search the inside of the 20-tonne truck. They do not ask to see the driver’s ID papers. Had they checked Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s ID papers, they would have learned that he had a police record of violence, theft, petty crime, domestic violence and use of weapons.

(I have deliberately emphasized “of North African origin” because every single terrorist attack that has occurred in Europe over the last few years, starting with Franco-Algerian Mohamed Mehra from Toulouse who, in 2012, murdered a paratrooper, a rabbi and three small Jewish children, has been committed by men of North African origin. These male terrorists all share the same profile: loners, losers, marginalized, petty criminals, violent, divorced and possessing sociopathic or schizophrenic tendencies. Many have served prison terms; it is there where they are radicalized/indoctrinated.) Oh, I forgot something: they’re all Muslim.

France is becoming a laughing stock, if not already one. Here are two reader comments from a British newspaper – French government – get your act together! We don’t need to hear platitudes every time something like this happens. Haven’t you learned anything over the last year or so? You obviously do not care enough about your citizens/visitors.

A refrigerated vehicle. If it were, the engine would have to be running to drive the compressor – and for nine hours? Unbelievable dereliction of duty by the police involved.

From THE GUARDIAN newspaper – A report into the Paris attacks emphasised the difficulties posed by France’s six different intelligence units, which answer variously to the interior, defence and economy ministries. Overseas intelligence agencies complained to the parliamentary inquiry that it was impossible to work within such a bureaucratic mess. A recent parliamentary inquiry into the November attacks had revealed flaws and shortcomings in France’s unreformed, multi-layered and poorly co-ordinated intelligence service. The commission highlighted a “global failure” of French intelligence and recommended a total overhaul of the intelligence services, including the creation of a single, US-style national counter-terrorism agency.

This is the 4th terrorist attack on French soil under President Hollande’s watch. I believe that he and Bernard CAZENEUVE, minister of the interior, should resign. But French politicians do not resign. They obfuscate, play the blame game, and practice denialism.

The bottom line is that this monstrous tragedy, like the others, could have been prevented. Those who lost loved ones in the Nice and Paris attacks should sue the French government for gross negligence and putting civilian lives in danger.*

Do not come here. Your safety is not ensured.

Hollande = OUT!!

* You don’t need to sue. I’ve just read that France will be compensating all victims. The link below is for victims of the November 2015 attack in Paris, but I guess the process is the same.

3 thoughts on “laxism…again

  1. Juliet, we rarely agree, especially on the ME, but I think your observation on the latest atrocity is on spot. I cannot comment on Hollande, since I am not French. My wife and I would not travel to,Paris at this time, as much as we love to visit. OTOH, to shy away because of terror, is give to terrorists a victory. It is a sad dilemma. I am hopeful,that by next year, things will be back to normal, but I fear this is the new normal.

    • Yes, it is indeed a sad day when tourists such as yourselves choose not to come to France for reasons of security. The new normal is ugly. I feel sorry for kids today; they will never know the carefree years we knew.

      On a personal level, I’ve had enough. I’m ready to leave this country. I hope to pull out in 2017.

  2. Yes, I have read you saying that. I am sorry that you have made that choice, that you no longer find in Paris what drew you there in the first place. As I wrote, we would be hesitant about coming now, but I am all but certain we will return next year, barring the ugliest of circumstance. I till prefer to think of France as the nation of Sartre, Voltaire, Zola and so many other great artists and thinkers. If you doubt France, I ask you to think of this. A bit sentimental, I admit

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