Sunday in Paris

I’m afraid that I’m short on inspiration at the moment, so when that happens I re-post an older, favorite blog post that some of you may not have seen (below).

Actually I am inspired.  I’m following the U.S. presidential election campaign and my next post, if I have the time, will be on Bernie Sanders.  As a Canadian living in France who has never known what it’s like to not have universal health care,  who has never known what it’s like to not pay subsidized university tuition, who enjoys SIX paid vacation weeks a year, who has never seen a gun in her life nor lived in a society where gun control is even an issue, who pays higher taxes but sees, on a daily basis, the benefits of such taxes (e.g. here in Paris, garbage pickup by an electric garbage truck is 7 days a week), I’m befuddled as to why these topics should create such fear and loathing in the hearts of some Americans.

OK, back to a favorite blog post I’m re-posting – Exactly one year ago, I was in bed with the flu watching my favorite genre of film on my laptop – films noirs.  And that’s how I stumbled across Gilda.  Even though it later became a cult classic, I had never seen the film before.  It blew me away, especially the charms of Rita Hayworth.  Today, gray and damp, is a perfect day for staying indoors and watching films noirs, my favorite genre.  Oh, did I mention that already?


Here are two posts from last year – Lovely Rita, silverscreen goddess and Film noir with a selection that I specially hand-picked for you to watch!

3 thoughts on “Sunday in Paris

      • Hahaha. 🙂 Supposed to be amorphous. But it was having trouble with its tinct, as opposed to its stinct. 😉 My only excuse is that I’m sick with a bad cold and don’t care about spelling right now … 😉

        Bernie Sanders? Seems like a good choice to me. But then again, the Cured Orange makes almost anyone look good, except maybe Sarah Palin. 🙂

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