Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa

Are you familiar with Ina Garten?  I find myself going into a trance while watching her videos.  They’re so relaxing and….hedonistic.  And so unlike my own life.

While hunting for a coconut cake recipe last month, I stumbled across her cooking shows on YouTube.  She reminds me of a well-fed contented cat, a Cheshire cat serenely lapping cream from a bowl. And speaking of cream………she doesn’t skimp on butter, cream, full-fat cheeses or her signature coconut cake with cream cheese frosting.  Ina Garten is an unabashed epicurean and I say bravo!  

With her gorgeous house in The Hamptons,  loving husband (they met when she was 15), successful cooking shows and 9 cookbooks (all bestsellers), Ina lives the good life.  I wonder if her multitude of fans aren’t just a little jealous of the life she’s crafted for herself. (I know I am.)

Here she is in Paris –

5 thoughts on “Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa

  1. What a wonderful description of Ina! I love watching her shows – everything looks very simple to do and delicious and she’s the calm in the chaos. I have one of her cook books and love it.

  2. Your description of Ina is purrrrfect! I enjoy watching her show very much and find the recipes are fairly simple to make. I have one of her cookbooks as well and love it – she’s the calm in the cooking chaos!

    • Ha! Ha! Purrrrfect….I like that. I don’t have a cookbook of hers…but I’ll buy one. I really enjoy watching her show…it’s relaxing and also inspiring.

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