Lille flea market 2015

IMG_5078IMG_5081I was just one person out of two and a half million visitors who attended the flea market this weekend.IMG_5070IMG_5043This man is a Tuareg from Mali.  Nomadic Berbers, they roam the Sahara of North Africa.  I purchased two small leather boxes from him.IMG_5045IMG_5084Beautiful old linens which remind me of old houses, grandmothers and smells of camphor and lavender.IMG_5088IMG_5085IMG_5087I fell in love with these gorgeous paper weights with a jellyfish imprisoned inside.IMG_5093IMG_5094IMG_5063And every year I pay a visit to the Workers’ Struggle (Lutte Ouvrière) booth, France’s Communist-Trotskyist political party. They’re a friendly, feisty bunch.IMG_5053In Greece as in France, bankers and industrialists have benefited from the debt. It’s up to the capitalists to pay, not the workers!IMG_5050Competitiveness is to take from the pockets of the working class to enrich management. Out of the question!IMG_5054And right next door was the Socialist Party booth with members tucking into the traditional meal of mussels, fries and beer.IMG_5056IMG_5080And that’s it for another year!

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