ladylike loafers

There was a style piece in the May 22nd edition of The New York Times entitled Ladylike Loafers for Summer (link below)…..a piece that I commented on saying that if I had $300 or upwards spare cash, I wouldn’t be spending it on loafers.  I added that I was shocked by the elitist prices of the shoes (to which someone replied “There is always someone to squawk about elitism.”)

The loafers that featured in The New York Times article cost $595 (Bally), $960 (Hermes), $825 (Tod’s), etc.

If I had a spare $960, I’d go to Florence for several days.  But that’s me.

Here are my loafers, purchased in Paris at a CAREL boutique in January 2015 during the big sales.  I only buy clothes during the twice-yearly sales in France – in January and in June.  Discounts of up to 50% off if you know the right places. 

I think these loafers are pretty classy!  Guess how much I paid?


140 euros on sale. Italian-made…hand-made. I think for the quality, that’s a darn good price.

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