New York magazine – An urgent, visually striking film.

The Guardian – Searing and brilliant.

The New York Times – Breathtakingly beautiful.

Rotten Tomatoes – Gracefully assembled and ultimately disquieting, Timbuktu is a timely film with a powerful message.

Juliet in Paris – Wow.

Sissako’s passionate and visually beautiful film Timbuktu is a cry from the heart – with all the more moral authority for being expressed with such grace and such care. It is a portrait of the country of his childhood, the west African state of Mali, and in particular the city of Timbuktu, whose rich and humane traditions are being trampled by fanatical jihadis, often from outside the country.

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

If you see this film in Paris, I suggest you go to the beautiful and independently-owned movie house, Le Balzac, just off the Champs-Elysées.  Below is a trailer of the film and below that, Le Balzac website.


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