racist Chelsea fans prevent black man from boarding Paris train

Aside from the person who had the initiative to film this deplorable event, it doesn’t look like anyone bothered to intervene.  As for the drunken English hooligans…..

I’m ashamed to belong to the same (human) race as them.



7 thoughts on “racist Chelsea fans prevent black man from boarding Paris train

    • I guess I don’t much like how the beginning of the 21st century is unfolding, James. I have become quite despondent about all the violence in the world. It’s as if we’re degressing instead of progressing.

  1. These horrid hooligan football groupies are disgusting no matter where they are. They have no place in a civil society. I have encountered them in Paris and London where they only add a stench to the area. Hopefully they will be found and prosecuted. Do not allow them to discourage you. The majority of people are not like them.

    • It’s good that that guy filmed the event. The police will use that footage to track them down. But did you notice there were about 10 guys (spectators) standing on the platform watching and doing nothing?

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