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Do people really take Fox “News” seriously?  When I first saw it I thought it was a parody show that ridiculed the ultra-conservative views of the Republican Party.  And then to my horror I realized it wasn’t.  Fox “News” is the home of the Republican Party’s most conservative members.  People like Rush Limbaugh.  Karl Rove.  Dick Cheney.  Ugh.

Oh yes, Fox has an agenda and it’s as unsavory as Sarah Palin.  Last week when “experts” reported that no-go zones exist in the suburbs of Paris – areas where non-Muslims are allegedly not allowed and police supposedly won’t go; where Sharia law is practiced and some streets look like Baghdad – I looked closely at their map with the pink markings on it and burst out laughing.  One of the zones is my old neighbourhood in central Paris!  Other zones are where friends of mine live, also in central Paris.  Gee, I don’t recall being the only non-Muslim living there.  Nor of seeing streets that looked like Baghdad circa 2003.

Prime Minister David Cameron nearly choked on his breakfast porridge after hearing U.S. terror “expert” Steve Emerson claim that Birmingham is also a no-go zone for non-Muslims.

Emerson is a regular contributor to Fox “News”.

Upon reflection, I see that my initial judgment of Fox was correct:  it is a parody.  Of itself.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is taking legal action primarily out of concern for the impact of Fox’s comments on the tourist industry here (yes, sadly there are many Fox viewers in North America who actually believe the right-wing propaganda that is spewed out.)  Paris is the most popular tourist destination in the world (84.7 million foreign tourists in 2013). Tourism accounts for 7.3% of France’s GDP

This week a leading French magazine published a guide of trendy restaurants and boutiques entitled “Our best addresses in the “no-go zones” of Fox News”.

Guide Pratique

Nos meilleures adresses dans les “no-go-zones” de Fox News


9 thoughts on “Fox “News”

  1. Fox News is in one word: repugnant. It’s good that this has come to light and I agree with the mayor of Paris. Fox News needs to be sued.

  2. Always use quote marks: Fox “News.” As in Fox so-called News. Because what they present has everything to do with scaremongering and appealing to the lowest common denominator in search of ratings, nothing to do with news. Or else we should steal from Colbert: Fox “Newsiness.”

    • Yes, you are right. I’ll do that right now. Thanks. Oh, and thanks for the image of Fox that I took from your blog 🙂

    • I think that the motivation behind Anne Hidalgo’s decision to sue is Gallic pride but also concern about the possible impact this could have on tourism. But I don’t think she’ll follow through on the lawsuit. Too costly. And taking on a Rupert Murdoch asset wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

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