beautiful music

Baroque music Marais 26 mars 2014 023

What better place to listen to 17th century music than in a 17th century church?  

On Wednesday night a friend and I went to the Church of Notre-Dame-des-Blancs-Manteaux in the Marais to listen to an exceptional concert organized by the Venetian Centre for Baroque Music.

I love baroque music.  And I love old churches.  To combine the two was sheer delight. And the old church (built between 1685-1690) – full of atmosphere and lit only by candles – was an acoustic marvel.

Baroque music Marais 26 mars 2014 014Baroque music Marais 26 mars 2014 010Baroque music Marais 26 mars 2014 018Baroque music Marais 26 mars 2014 022

I tried to videotape a segment of the concert, but there was not enough light.  I’m surprised that these photos came out.  Fortunately I found the same group of soloists on Youtube so that you too can listen to this sumptuous soothing music.  Marc-Antoine Charpentier is the name of the 17th-century composer whose concerto they are singing.  Enjoy.

Ensemble Correspondances, choir and orchestra – Sébastien Daucé, harpsichord, organ & direction

3 thoughts on “beautiful music

  1. The more I read your blog, Juliet, the more I realize we are kindred spirits. Since you Baroque, and I assume a touch of Roccoco, let me reccomend this CD. Set
    perhaps you already own it and know the hours and hours, of music as it must have rung out in the gilded halls of Versailles.

    • Oh, Sherman…so much to listen to, so much to explore and discover! (And not enough time!) I don’t know this boxed set of CDs but will look at it more closely; thanks for the recommendation. I actually need to buy a decent stereo system first.

      bonne journée, Juliet.

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