Cap Ferret on the Atlantic Coast – Part 2

Across the bay is a tony little island called Cap Ferret (populated largely by privileged Parisians and Bordelais.)  Every half hour small boats from the Arcachon pier take you across.  It’s an enjoyable 25-minute ride:

Arcachon August 2013 022

Approaching Cap Ferret you see these wooden sticks protruding from the water. They belong to oyster parks which are dispersed around the bay. Oyster farming in this region began in 1852. Today there are 380 oyster farmers that produce 10,000 tonnes of fresh oysters a year. The preferred method for eating them is with fresh rye bread, salted butter and the obligatory glass of Entre-deux-Mers white wine (a Bordeaux, of course!)

Arcachon August 2013 036Arcachon August 2013 038Arcachon August 2013 046Arcachon August 2013 052Arcachon August 2013 049Arcachon August 2013 053

This is the good life. Fresh as fresh seafood, chilled white wine, and friends and family around the lunch table, mere inches from the water.

As you walk the main shopping street, you feel like you could be on a Caribbean isle. Or maybe a French version of Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket?

Arcachon August 2013 068Arcachon August 2013 064

I couldn’t resist taking this photo.  The French do love their pharmacies.

Arcachon August 2013 055

Here I found the best and freshest fish and seafood.  Quel délice !

Arcachon August 2013 074Arcachon August 2013 075

Gorgeous lobster, line-caught sea bass, oysters and crab and shrimp, oh my!

Arcachon August 2013 081Arcachon August 2013 077Arcachon August 2013 078Arcachon August 2013 080Arcachon August 2013 079

I’ll post the last batch of photos in a day or two.  Hope you enjoyed these.

à très bientôt !

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