largest Vermeer exhibition ever opens in Amsterdam

I wrote this a few years ago in a previous post –

Oftentimes I find myself craving art (and beauty). In this world of brutes and atrocities, it’s important to nourish the soul and feel uplifted and inspired. Thank goodness for art, artists and museums. Can you imagine a world without art? It would be a dark and desolate place … a sort of Trumpland, bleak and vacuous.

This is a perfect opportunity to return to The Netherlands. Some of the paintings in this new exhibition (at the Rijksmuseum), I saw at the Mauritshuis in the summer of 2017. That was a lovely trip.

For two hotel recommendations in Amsterdam, a visit to the magnificent Rijksmuseum and the Mauritshuis, and an account of my purchase of cannabis in a legalized coffeeshop, I invite you to visit my previous trips to Holland by clicking on this link below. I can’t wait to go back.