Somerset House and The Courtauld


It’s a chilly May night and I’m listening to the Macron-Le Pen political debate on TV while planning my trip to London in June. Le Pen is combative, Macron defensive. She has just accused him of laxism towards Islamic fundamentalism and claims he’s in the hands of the UOIF (Union des organisations islamiques de France). He’s calling her a liar. Their profound dislike for one another is palpable. The debate will go on for hours and afterwards there’ll be analysis and examination. On Sunday one of these two candidates will be the next President of France. (Macron!)

In London there’s an interesting-looking exhibition at Somerset House. It’s described as a Multi-sensory exhibition featuring ten extraordinary perfumes and their pioneering creators.

(c) Kim Keever, Courtesy Waterhouse & Dodd (2)_LOW RES

You’ll be taken on an olfactory journey through a series of rooms designed to reflect the inspirations of the scents, from a sandy desert to the Scottish Highlands, a Catholic confessional to a lover’s boudoir. Each room will include visual, auditory and tactile references to the identity and influences of the perfumer to guide you on your olfactory journey. The website link to this magnificent arts and cultural centre in the heart of London is below. Check it out to see the long list of exhibitions showing there.

And if that isn’t enough, inside Somerset House you’ll find one of the finest museums in the world called the Courtauld Gallery.


The collection stretches from the early Renaissance into the 20th century. The Gallery holds an outstanding collection of fine works of sculpture and decorative arts, drawings and prints. Don’t forget that most museums and art centers in Great Britain have lovely tea shops, restaurants or cafés on the premises.

For students of all ages, there’s also the Courtauld Institute of Art which offers undergraduate and postgraduate studies.