the Louxor cinema house in Paris

Surfing the net looking for a movie theater in which to watch Raoul Peck’s “Je ne suis pas votre nègre” (I Am Not Your Negro), released tomorrow in France, I stumbled across the refurbished LOUXOR.

luxor two

Built in 1921, it was transformed into a nightclub in 1983 – first a Caribbean nightclub and then the largest gay club in the city – before closing permanently in 1988. For twenty-two years the place was abandoned and left for ruin.  And then the City of Paris purchased it in 2003. It was entirely renovated and re-opened in 2013. Today it has three gorgeous screening rooms.


Anthony Rauchen photo, theater 1


Anthony Rauchen photo, theater 3


Anthony Rauchen photo, theater 2

I can’t wait to go to the LOUXOR to see this new film.