intermittent fasting and the lovely Dominique Sachse

High cholesterol levels and excess weight has led me to explore different ways of eating. I like the idea of intermittent fasting. Dominique will explain it to you. I warmed to her immediately because of her morning coffee habit (exactly like mine.) I too am drinking less cow’s milk and more vegetal milks (almond, cashew, soy, etc.) Note: it’s easy to make your own almond-cashew milk, which I sometimes do on the weekend. Mixed with a small amount of organic coconut milk and added to a mug of strong hot coffee is something I look forward to all week. Mondays to Friday at the office, I drink black unsugared espresso from my own small Nespresso machine that sits on the windowsill five feet from my desk.

I stumbled across Dominique while looking for something, can’t remember what, on YouTube. I think she’s great. The video below shows us what she eats in a day. My takeaway was that we need to drastically cut back on “white foods”, AKA refined carbohydrates (anything made from white flour: bread, pasta, pastries, rice, cakes, cookies, cereals, etc., .)