coconut milk and red rice pudding with mango and lime juice


We’ve just emerged from a Siberian cold snap that swept across Europe. They were calling it the “Beast from the East.”

From Radio France International – “As temperatures drop to as low as -10°C in the east of the country, the authorities have ordered 3,100 emergency accommodation places to be opened, 500 of them in Paris.

Police in Paris report that most homeless people have gone to shelters, apart from migrants, many of whom are unaware of the arrangements or may fear deportation.

The cold front has been dubbed “Moscow-Paris”, coming as it does from Russia, where the thermometer was expected to fall to -35°C in the centre of the country.

The authorities warned old people to stay indoors and parents to keep babies at home.

There were a few days when the sunshine was radiant and the sky was blue. I did enjoy wrapping up and walking vigorously to work. I felt like I was back in Canada, except there was no snow and the streets were clear.

So last Sunday, craving tropical fruit and rice pudding, I made this dessert. If you don’t have red rice (who does?), you can use regular rice or tapioca. I guess all rice puddings, and puddings in general, are what you call comfort food.


I also made some muffins. I love puttering in my kitchen, cooking and listening to the radio or podcasts.


Yum. This dessert is best when eaten warm. Don’t forget to sprinkle lime juice over it.

Here’s the recipe link below. I like that there’s not too much sugar in it. Two tips: use organic coconut milk with no preservatives in it, and make sure the rice is fully cooked. You can also use tapioca instead of rice (but that would be a different recipe.) I’ve also added Melissa Clark’s trad rice pudding with raisins. I’ve made it many times and it’s perfect.