The Nest, a disappointing Jude Law film

So I bought the DVD the other day because (a) I like Jude Law, (b) the preview I watched on YouTube looked intriguing, and (c) I’m on vacation for 12 glorious days. Watching movies in my free time, especially when it’s cold and damp outside, is one of my favorite activities. You wouldn’t believe the weather here. For weeks its been cloudy, gray, damp and depressing.

A 2020 psychological thriller film written, directed, and produced by Sean Durkin. In my humble opinion I thought it was way overhyped. And I found it neither psychological nor thriller.

When it (abruptly) ended, I nearly shouted at my TV screen. What? That’s it? I sat through this for 1 hour and 47 minutes only to have a flabby, unsatisfactory ending? It leaves you hanging. The trailer sort of misrepresented the film: it promises A LOT, but doesn’t deliver. The story was incomplete, the characters not rounded out. For example: who was Allison (the wife played by Carrie Coon) before she met and married Rory (Jude Law)? They have no pasts; there’s no backstory. I think that’s important, don’t you?

Quick segue here: when I gave the draft of my memoir to a trusted reader, she said: “Who were your parents? Why did they leave England to emigrate to Canada in the 1950s? What motived them to cross the Atlantic Ocean on an immigrant ship, and what did they leave behind?” This is backstory which might give the story more depth and help to explain why I ended up in Europe, the very place they left all those decades ago.

La boucle est bouclĂ©e,” a French person might say, which means – the circle is complete.

Getting back to the movie, there’s a weird segment concerning Allison’s dead horse which I didn’t understand at all. And why is Rory estranged from his mother? Where does his delusion of grandeur come from? We know nothing about his past other than he’s an equity trader who moved to New York then back to London.

Anyway, that’s just my opinion. See the film for yourself. Here’s the trailer (which is great) –