The Mistress of the House of Books – my first book review

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I stumbled, as one does while googling, across this website that greatly appealed to me. I liked its aesthetic: sparse and clean, and at the same time chock-a-block with super interesting books, podcast recommendations, reviews and reflections (and more.) I’m happy to say that my memoir is now on this website, and I’m honored to be among such bookish company. Thank you, Molli!  Molli, a freelancer living and working in Paris, is the co-founder of The Mistress of the House of Books.

Here’s the link below (I’m on the far left) –


6 thoughts on “The Mistress of the House of Books – my first book review

  1. Good for you! Did we mention how much we enjoyed your book? Our next door neighbor is reading it now. Have a great summer.

  2. I too loved your book and passed it on to a friend. Your descriptions of your happy childhood, your parents and especially your trip to Italy when you were twelve are magical. I loved following you, later in life, to Montpellier and later to Paris. Evocative writing that made me feel that I was right there eating that warm croissant, biting into that baguette ham sandwich or sipping that glass of rosé wine. I even imagined myself speaking French!

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