mine is bigger than yours

Listening to Donald Trump brag about his new “super-duper missile” (and in the midst of a deadly pandemic!), seventeen times faster than those of China and Russia, this is basically what it boils down to: mine is bigger than yours. You can see where his priorities are. And what world leader says “Super-duper”?

I’m sick of reckless, feckless boy-men running the world (and ruining it.) I’m even sicker of the people who vote for them. Who to blame? Trump, or his supporters who gave him all that power?

And have you noticed something these self-involved fellas have in common? Multiple wives and numerous children from different marriages. What does that tell you about fidelity and long-term commitment? Look at Boris Johnson: two ex-wives, four children, and he’s just had his fifth child with his new girlfriend, Carrie. She’s 32, he’s 55. Age difference, 23 years. (There are rumours of a sixth, unknown child conceived while he was Mayor of London.)

Trump has been married three times and has five children, three from first wife Ivana; one from second wife, Marla Maples; and one from his current wife. Melania is 50, Donald is 73. Age difference, 23 years.

Does this kind of man need to spread his seed to feel …virile? And what’s with all the groping, harassment and sexual assault scandals swirling around so many male politicians? Sick of it. When will these hoggish adolescents grow up? We need role models, not these sorry excuses of men.

We need smart women leaders, and there are lots of them. I was very disappointed when Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the presidential race. If I were American, I would have voted for her. Look at New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern and Germany’s Angela Merkel and their impeccable handling of COVID-19 (and other disasters.)

From The New York Times:

Countries led by women seem to be particularly successful in fighting the coronavirus. Germany, led by Angela Merkel, has had a far lower death rate than other European countries. Finland, where Prime minister Sanna Marin, 34, governs with a coalition of four female-led parties, has had fewer than 10 percent as many deaths as other Scandinavian countries. And Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan, has presided over one of the most successful efforts in the world at containing the virus, using testing, contact tracing and isolation measures to control infections without a full national lockdown.

But my intention is not to trash all men, just some of them. There are male leaders that I like, Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron, to name two. Oh, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


5 thoughts on “mine is bigger than yours

  1. I wish that the Dems would get it right….politely let loose of Biden and draft Cuomo. He may not be as smooth around the edges as Biden, but he certainly is the kind of street fighter who can beat Trump to pulp.

    • Is Cuomo even interested in running for President? I’m not a big fan of Biden, I think he’s riding on Obama’s coat-tails. And he’ll be 78 in November. Cuomo, a street fighter? We need that (I say “we” because the presidency of the USA affects the whole world.)

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