a sudden burst of clapping on my street

Just now, at 8 pm on a coolish Wednesday night, I suddenly heard clapping coming from my street. It was as if the whole street was clapping. What the heck? I grabbed my camera, opened my window and saw, or rather heard, this. People standing on their balconies clapping. “What’s going on?” I shouted down to a neighbor.

“It’s a moment of solidarity,” he said. Nice, very nice.


9 thoughts on “a sudden burst of clapping on my street

    • I love Italy because of the exuberance of the people. The collective clapping was surprising because the French are normally less demonstrative. It was nice. Proof that even in the midst of disaster the most unexpected and pleasant things can occur. How are you coping in Chicago?

      • We are adjusting to the new normal, just like everywhere else. This is playing out like a bad scifi movie, and I do not think anyone is pleased with being part of the cast. Unfortunately, we have uninspired leadership by a person who is the worst possible President at the worst possible time. He spoke yesterday of being a “wartime President”. He doesn’t have a clue as to what kind of leadership that requires.

  1. Solidarity always starts locally.

    I hung my WWII era “Keep Calm & Carry On” sign to my front window. My neighbor posted her’s up the next morning.

    Thanks for this.

    • Here’s another slogan from World War II in Britain (my mother was a WAAF) – Coughs and sneezes spread diseases.
      I think you’ve just given me an idea for my next post.
      Thanks for commenting and keep well.

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