Coronavirus – can we talk about those wet markets in China?

Not to stigmatize, but to understand.

The novel coronavirus and the SARS outbreak of 2003 have two things in common: both are from the coronavirus family, and both started in wet markets.

Watch this informative video to know more –

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus – can we talk about those wet markets in China?

  1. Thank you for sharing that informative video. It was difficult to watch, and I’m left feeling quite queasy from the horrific treatment of animals and clearly suspect level of hygiene. And I’m confused. I can’t imagine looking at a bat and ever considering what to serve with it for dinner.

  2. Pangolins, civet cats, and bats is just the short list. Thanks for bringing this up. There’s little coverage of what happened to all the wildlife at the Wuhan market when it was forced to close…or for that matter, at all the other wet markets throughout China. The PRC government did report in mid-February that they will ban such sales, except for medical and scientific research. A big loophole. Rather, it’s driven the wild game market underground and becoming an on-line bazaar.

    Look for NYT Steven Lee Myers January 25, 2020 article on game food and the “effectiveness” of domestic trade bans.

    Good post! Should actually get international coverage.

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