living out loud

To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure what ‘living out loud’ meant. I vaguely thought it might be akin to ‘living large’ or ‘living life exuberantly’. So to be sure, I looked it up.

Urban Dictionary describes it as –  Being yourself, genuine, open, trustworthy, with sass, spice and flare. Living on purpose, loving others and yourself, living passionately for your values, no matter what. Letting others see your light shine, and not being scared to be different or worry about others opinions of you. Living a life you’re excited about, with purpose on your terms. Inspiring others to do the same.

Someone on Quora described it as: Be yourself and enjoy life and show you enjoy it, without stepping on anyone else in the process. Show good will toward all and revel in the simplest pleasures. Share your happiness freely, and share in the happiness of others.

Somewhere else I read – ‘living openly as a gay person.’

I then stumbled across a website that lists 30 ways to Live Out Loud (the website is authored by Sonya Derian.) I think that all of the 30 ways are so fantastic, I’m sharing them with you below. I particularly liked the Emile Zola quote –

“Si vous me demandez ce que je viens faire en ce monde, moi artiste, je vous répondrai: je viens vivre TOUT HAUT.” Emile Zola

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world as an artist, I will tell you: I came to live out LOUD.”

click here on the blue link:

Live Your Life Out Loud: 30 Ways to Get Started

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