Friday night. chilling at home. flourless ganache chocolate cake.

Got home from work at 7 and cracked open a bottle of Bourgueil (from the Loire Valley, my fave wine region). As I recline on my chaise lounge, I’m looking at recipes for flourless chocolate cake.

flourless cake


Ganache frosting. I could eat this straight from the bowl.

Below is a recipe for cashew milk that I make weekends for my morning coffee. On Friday night I soak almonds and cashews all night then whizz them on Saturday morning. You can add a single date, if you want, to stave off any bitterness. Or honey, but not much. I add a smidgen of date syrup that I bought in London. Then I make myself a huge mug of strong coffee and add the heated nut milk and two tiny teaspoons of demerara sugar. You can also add some coconut milk if you want (warmed), or just regular cow’s milk.

(banish white sugar from your kitchen; use raw or unrefined sugars like muscovado, demerara, and turbinado.)

Simple Homemade Creamy Cashew Milk

Cake recipe:

Killer Chocolate Cake

Have a yummy weekend.



5 thoughts on “Friday night. chilling at home. flourless ganache chocolate cake.

  1. That cake is beautiful! I love the bayou chocolate torte in the Rebar cookbook (Rebar being a hip vegetarian restaurant in Victoria, B.C.). It uses 3 tablespoons of flour so it’s easy to substitute rice flour for wheat. Dense and delicious. I don’t usually put any kind of icing or ganache on it when I make it but serve it with unsweetened whipped cream alongside and maybe some berries and some cocoa nibs.

    • Oh, Theresa, I have a confession to make: the icing is the best part! Does your hubby bake? Or do you do all the cooking?

      • No he doesn’t, though he’s an enthusiastic consumer of everything i bake. But my older son makes beautiful bread, cakes, cheesecakes, etc. It’s a pleasure to stay with him and his young family…

    • We have a long weekend coming up in November. I’ll probably make it then. Or maybe I’ll make it with the kids, that would be fun …

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