the USA frightens me

Right now, I have no desire to travel to the States. And it’s not like I know no one there, I have friends and relatives in NYC and California. But as long as that sociopathic fraudster is in the White House, and the gun violence, racism, homelessness, school shootings, police brutality and other stuff persists, I just don’t want to go. It disturbs me deeply. No, it scares me. Your country scares me.

I just read the article below and was horrified … horrified! What was that poor woman’s crime (other than being black)? Was that her crime? Black-skinned Sandra Bland, on her way to start a new job at a Texan university ended up in jail and now she’s dead. She was 28 years old. Why isn’t the demented racist cop in jail??? (Sandra Bland’s story occurs frequently in the States: racist berserk cops harassing and even gunning down guiltless unarmed citizens. The victims are too numerous to mention.)

And then there was that other horrific story about this woman shot dead in Minneapolis by a trigger-happy cop called Mohamed Noor. 40 years old she was, and about to marry the man she loved. The irony is that she was a spiritual healer and meditation coach. Is this a cruel joke?


Justine Damond shot in the stomach

The whole world watches American events in disbelief, and I’m sorry to say that the USA has lost its glitter. We used to love the place.

There’s so much anger all over the world and I know why. Injustice, lies, the violation of our constitutional rights, loss of dignity. Evil, morally-bankrupt people enriching themselves, committing crimes and getting off scot free, while good people suffer, die or pay the price of the evil ones. There’s too much injustice, and we’re mad as hell.


Sandra Bland, pulled over and terrorized by a deranged racist cop for failure to signal a lane change. Dead at 28 in a prison cell.

Imagine being confronted by this lunatic (see link below). I’d be terrified. “I will light you up!” he hollers, stun gun in hand. Why would a woman, alone in her car, be a threat to an armed cop?

And if that’s not enough, check out the video even further below and watch cops in the state of Georgia brutalize a 65-year old grandmother, curse at her, and drag her out of her vehicle. I watched, my mouth open with horror.

A friend of mine, whose skin color happens to be black, asked my advice recently on where to go in the States for a first-time visit. “I wouldn’t go at all,” I told him. “You could actually be endangering your life.”

Treated like a criminal. Shocking beyond words –

3 thoughts on “the USA frightens me

  1. I’d like to believe that the October mid-term results are a positive indication? When Congress at least is no longer under his thumb… but yes who knows what the world will bring us in 2020… we are living in frightening times..

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