Saturday night pizza


I’m on a pizza kick, pizza that I make myself. It’s so easy! And fun because each pie is different depending on what ingredients you have in the larder. I may never buy frozen again!


This one is vegetarian with red onion, garlic, tomato sauce, rocket (arugula) and grated gruyère cheese. Delicious! (I later learned that if you’re a purist, you’ll only use parmesan.)


Google “Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe”, which is what I use. You can halve it.

My tips – don’t go wild (like I did the first time) and overload your pizza. Keep it simple and light. I mix two different flours: white and wholewheat. If you have an organic supermarket near you, buy organic flours…so much better than industrial. I use either a round cake tin (lightly oiled on the bottom with olive oil) or a flat baking tray (oiled). One of these days I’ll get around to buying a proper pizza pan.


Two other tips – go easy on the tomato sauce (I use ordinary spaghetti sauce from a jar). Too much will bog the crust down and ruin it, a super-thin layer of sauce is all you need. Slide your pie into a pre-heated, super-hot oven (230°C / 446°F). That way it cooks faster and crispier.

Here are some topping ideas:

shrimp, tuna, anchovies, chorizo, ham, bacon, pancetta, ground beef or bresola;

artichoke hearts, red onion, red or yellow peppers, garlic, olives, rocket (arugula), fresh basil leaves;

thinly sliced potato, rocket, yam, mushrooms, basically any vegetable;

mozzarella, goat’s cheese, ricotta, pecorino, parmesan, gruyère, cheddar…basically any cheese (unless you’re a purist whereby you’ll only use parmesan.)

2 thoughts on “Saturday night pizza

  1. It sounds delicious! Could you please repost the link? It did not work and the site does not have a search feature. Thanks!

    • Hi Dawn. If you google “jamie oliver pizza dough” you’ll find several links and maybe a video or two. If you don’t live in Europe, you’ll have to do the conversion. And I halved the recipe.

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