revoke article 50 and remain in the EU! The botched Brexit debacle.

I sit here stunned, flabbergasted, by the sheer ineptitude of Theresa May and her handling of Brexit. I think what shocks me most is the seemingly cavalier and devil-may-care (do you see the pun here? Devil-May-Care) manner in which some members of the Conservative Party (the hardline Euroskeptics) are playing with the UK’s future, the UK’s youth, the UK’s economy, and the general welfare of its citizens. May is neither hardline nor Euroskeptic (she voted Remain), but her leadership qualities are seriously deficient.

It was the leaders of the European Union Council who, at the eleventh hour in Brussels last Thursday, took over the reins and imposed the terms of Brexit and the cut-off dates: April 12th and May 22nd. Why did they do this? Exasperated by May’s lack of clarity and command, and her plea for a three-month Brexit delay, they literally wrested control of the calamitous situation and took charge.

The next day, my boss who’s a lawyer, said to me at work – “The EU handed her a gift!”

EU leaders were visibly bemused during last night’s Brexit debate described as ’90 minutes of nothing’ where Mrs May appeared ‘evasive, had no plan and even seemed confused’ when asked what she will do if her deal is voted down again.

One prime minister told aides afterwards: ‘The only thing that came through with clarity was her lack of a plan’ and one EU aide said afterwards: ‘She didn’t have a plan, so we needed to come up with one for her’.

The deeply humiliated and beleaguered Prime Minister May had no choice but to agree with the EU Council and revoke her pledge that the UK would leave the EU on March 29th.

Yesterday I signed the online petition calling for the UK government to revoke article 50 and remain in the European Union. To date it has 5 million signatures. The link is below. If you are a British citizen or UK resident who does not support Brexit, I urge you to sign it. Today, Saturday March 23rd, a People’s Vote March in which hundreds of thousands are expected to attend is descending on London. I would have liked to have been there.

“Hey, hey, Theresa May! We demand a final say!”


Running coverage in The Guardian on the “one million march” in London below, as well as the petition link –

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