Richard Yates, revisited


yates one

I’ve just ordered these books from Amazon. They’ll be delivered to a locker located in a shopping mall ten minutes away from my office. Of course I’ve read Yates’ best-selling Revolutionary Road, but I haven’t read his other books, so I’m looking forward to it.

yates peace

yates three

Hailed as “America’s finest realistic novelist” by the Boston Globe, Richard Yates, author of Revolutionary Road, garnered rare critical acclaim for his bracing, unsentimental portraits of middle-class American life.

Disturbing the Peace is no exception. Haunting, troubling, and mesmerizing, it shines a brilliant, unwavering light into the darkest recesses of a man’s psyche.

To all appearances, John Wilder has all the trappings of success, circa 1960: a promising career in advertising, a loving family, a beautiful apartment, even a country home. John’s evenings are spent with associates at quiet Manhattan lounges and his weekends with friends at glittering cocktail parties. But something deep within this seemingly perfect life has long since gone wrong. Something has disturbed John’s fragile peace, and he can no longer find solace in fleeting affairs or alcohol. The anger, the drinking, and the recklessness are building to a crescendo—and they’re about to take down John’s family and his career. What happens next will send John on a long, strange journey—at once tragic and inevitable.

yates quote

I’m currently reading The End of Loneliness by Benedict Wells. The novel follows three estranged siblings who lost their parents as children, finding their way through life and hoping not to do it alone. Wells is a German writer living in Berlin. In 2016 he won the European Prize for Literature for this bestselling book. As much as I enjoy reading new books, I must admit that I never tire from re-reading my old favorites (Donna Tartt, Joan Didion, Alan Hollinghurst, Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, Don DeLillo, Emily St. John Mandel, Louise Erdrich, Rachel Kushner, Teju Cole, Raymond Chandler … etc. etc.) 

So many books, so little free time!

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