new books, new authors, and the marvel of the internet

Sunday morning and I’m stretched out in my usual Sunday-morning position: reclining on my chaise longue and reading The Guardian, my favorite on-line newspaper. At the same time I’m wondering how we got things done before the Internet age. I mean, think about it. Without leaving my chaise longue, I’ve managed to do a lot of surprisingly diverse things in the space of two days. I booked my end-of-February Amsterdam trip and my mid-May Italy trip. Oh, and my mid-April London and Lille trip. I found five potential book editors for my book project; I read the opening pages of Michelle Obama’s memoir on Amazon; I purchased a ticket in advance for the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum; I completed a 2019 Population Census for the French Government (obligatory); I googled recipes for parsnip-carrot soup and mushroom lasagne; I googled the movements of the gilets jaunes yesterday which resulted in my not crossing Paris because the metro would be disturbed; I listened to BBC radio then turned it off because all talk of BREXIT makes me ill; I watched The Kominsky Method on Netflix and liked it a lot (who doesn’t like Michael Douglas?), and I watched a tutorial on YouTube entitled ‘How to create pivot charts in Excel 2010’ because I need to know how to do this for work. Later, I watched HEAL on Netflix. Have you seen it? It’s about holistic healing and it’s fascinating.

Conclusion? The internet is a marvel. (The word ‘marvel’, by the way, comes from the French merveille, which means to admire, to be surprised and to wonder at.)

For those of you looking for new books and new authors to read, today’s Guardian introduces eight new women writers, as well as an interesting-sounding anthology of essays written by seventeen Muslim women (pissed off over stereotyping and Islamophobia) speaking frankly about a lot of different subjects. Here are the links below.

très bon dimanche (have a good Sunday).

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