terrific photos of Saturday’s public demonstrations


Photograph: Thibault Camus/AP

Since this morning, helicopters have been flying over my apartment building while police sirens wail. I’m trying to imagine the President of France barricaded in his Elysées Palace watching the TV screens, smug no longer. He’s scheduled to address the nation the beginning of next week. Up until now he’s been silent.



The most impressive TV images I saw today were of a dozen horses (ridden by cops) galloping down a narrow Marais street towards a group of protesters. Both the cops and the horses were wearing protective eye covering.

Here are some photos of today’s demonstrations –


3 thoughts on “terrific photos of Saturday’s public demonstrations

    • Hey Colleen, thanks for your comment. Yes indeed, it is scary right now. I hunkered down chez moi all day yesterday. Love your blog, by the way. Beautiful photos, and your French hubby looks dishy. I read with interest your post on Amsterdam because I just booked to go there in February. (booked 2 months’ ahead on Thalys). I went to Amsterdam in December 2015, but need to go back for more…SUCH a charming city. I’m going to look at more of your blog now; it looks like we have things in common!
      Très bon dimanche and keep safe.

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