muslims, the West, and self-censorship

hijab dimanche


This is the face of the future in our Western (non-Islamic) world. Before I continue, I’d like to remind people that a country’s immigration policies is directly linked to demographics and fertility rates. If you’re wondering why so many new immigrants, migrants and asylum seekers are allowed entry into Europe, Canada and the USA, the stark answer is that Western women are not having enough babies. It’s as simple as that. In any given society, when the death rate is higher than the birth rate, there’s a serious problem. Shrinking populations are a direct threat to economic growth and prosperity (jobs) as well as pensions, healthcare and social services.


I’ve just come from a shopping mall located on the western fringe of Paris (Les Quatre Temps at La Défense.) On this Saturday afternoon, the place was awash with hijabis (Muslim women wearing hijabs.) Many were also wearing abayas, a long cloak made of black synthetic fiber combined with a headscarf or face veil. Here’s what I thought as two young women wearing the abaya and the hijab walked past me: C’est la nouvelle mode. (This is the new fashion.) As I walked along, my thoughts went further. I pictured a future issue of Parisian ELLE magazine with a hijabi on its cover, the caption underneath reading La Nouvelle Mode. Well, why not? As a follower of fashion trends my whole life (my mother was editor of several fashion magazines in Toronto), I can recognize a tendency when I see it.

But this is not a fad or a fashion craze. This is an ideology exported from the Middle East to Eastern Africa, Mali, northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), and onwards to proliferate in Europe and the West in general. This ideology is a vision of the world and society that is not ours. Just one random example: girls as young as four being forced to wear the hijab. Why would a little girl be required to dress modestly and conceal her hair? A little girl’s body is not sexual; it does not need to be covered or protected from the male gaze. An utterly repugnant practice that I have personally witnessed in Lille, France.

As an active member of society who volunteers for the French charity, Secours Populaire, works full-time and contributes a ton of taxes to the government, I’d like to be able to speak openly on any number of social issues affecting us today.

Like everyone else, I notice the world around me. Arriving in Paris in the 1990s up to five years ago, I never saw a hijab. Now they’re everywhere. I wish to examine why that is. But can I?

THE TYRANNY OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS (or, in other words, self-censorship.)

Political correctness allows no room for dissent, or even healthy debate and discussion. PC dictates what is acceptable. If you dare speak out against the norm, you risk being labelled as a right-wing bigot.

One political commentator said, “Political correctness doesn’t change us, it shuts us up.”

In George Orwell’s novel, 1984, the state controls how people think through Newspeak: the elimination of words that are considered harmful. Similarly, political correctness controls how people think by eliminating both words and ideas from public discourse. Hence, it is a means of thought control.

I’ll leave you with this healthy and perfectly civil discussion in London, England on this topic. We need to have more of these.


8 thoughts on “muslims, the West, and self-censorship

  1. Good for you for speaking out candidly on this subject. It is time for the West to stop its abject apologies for Colonialism and all the ills that led to in Africa and The Middle East. There are enough wealthy Arab states to solve this problem on their own. Of course with all their squabbling among each other, there is no will nor inclination to do any such thing. It is much easier to blame the West. That is part of the problem today. Though not a Catholic, I shudder at the thought of Notre Dame and other great cathedrals around Europe turning into museums, or even much worse, mosques. Sadly, the epidemic of invasion is underway and likely not to be stopped. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

    • Resistance is slowing taking shape here in Europe, Sherman. Denmark has put its foot down. Sweden – the most generous country of all and who has taken in more refugees per capita than any country in Europe – is voting today and might veer to the right. Italy has already turned right-wing (anti-immigration.) European countries are starting to say “Enough is enough.”

      As for wealthy Arab states? HA! What have they ever done for humanity? There is no solidarity whatsoever in the Arab World, none at all. You can count on Saudi Arabia to export the ultra-conservative, extreme Islamic doctrine of Wahhabism around the world. This is what I’ll talk about in my next post.

      In the meantime, read this excellent piece on Sweden. Have a good Sunday.

  2. I think people in Europe and Britain are too xenophobic. It never bothered people to see nuns in their habits, in Canada I see the hijab worn everyday and in all places . Ladies and gentlemen wore hats all the time years ago and no one complained. I’m born and raised in Canada and at 80 yrs. of age I love to see beautiful head gear.

    • Thanks for your comment, Emma. I wish I shared your same positive outlook, and good for you! Unfortunately, the wearing of the hijab, and especially the niqab, for some Muslims (not all, of course) is a political statement. Today, there’s a spread of Salafism throughout the world (ultra-conservative fundamentalists who believe in a return to the original ways of Islam of the 7th century) – sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. You can hardly call this progressivism!

      The question to ask, Emma, is – What’s attached to that seemingly innocuous piece of fabric? A testament to one’s faith, to be sure. But there are some who say they wear it “to be closer to God.” I’m afraid that response is disingenuous, because in reality there’s a political agenda attached.

      Salafism is a growing movement in Europe whose aim of a Caliphate is incompatible with Western democracy. In France, Salafism represented in religious communities has doubled in five years. Salafism is antidemocratic and homophobic; it aims to subjugate women and is therefore opposed to our Western values and democracy.

  3. Totally agree with you here. I don’t believe that North Americans are savvy enough to know the dangers of Salafism which is creeping into their own societies. We need to learn more and be more alert and aware of the world around us. Mosques, universities and especially prisons are breeding grounds for radicalization. The Salafist method is to totally reject Western values and to adhere to an ancient Islamic ideology exactly as it was revealed by the Prophet 1400 years ago. The Canadian government in particular needs to wake up. I’m all for liberalism, but this is excessive. It’s simple: you immigrate to another country, you respect and heed that country’s values, culture and customs; you do not impose your own which come from Pakistan, Bangladesh or wherever. Multiculturalism is great, but there are limits!

    • Couldn’t have said it better, Cordelia. Y’know, we fought SO HARD for our egalitarian, progressive society. Imposing segregated swimming, to give just one example, takes us straight back to the Deep South of the 1950s. It makes me want to weep. We’re not progressing, we’re regressing.

      Lesbians, gays, bisexuals or transgenders in the Muslim world? Death by stoning.

      Blasphemy? Death or imprisonment.

      But child marriages, forced marriages, honor killings, rape victims forced to marry their rapist? Practiced. Oh, I forgot FGM (female genital mutiliation). Practiced. In Canada!
      In July 2017, an internal report from Canada Border Services Agency was leaked. It indicated that FGM practitioners were “almost certainly entering Canada” to engage in the practice.

      Please, stash your medieval beliefs and customs back in the Third World; do not export them into our beautiful, open, liberal democratic Western world. Western leaders need to put their foot down and say “no, this is not permissible in our society.” I wasn’t a big fan of President Sarkozy, but at least he had the courage to ban that hideous burka and niqab – relics of a medieval world which have no place whatsover anywhere in this 21st century. How anyone can condone that thing is beyond my comprehension.

      This is not just my opinion – thousands of moderate Muslims are appalled by the revival of this despicable garment (I’m referring to the full-face veil, the niqab.) It is banned in several Islamic countries. So why on earth should it be allowed in non-Islamic Western countries??

    • Overly-generous Denmark, like Sweden. Look where they are today. Right-wing leaning and Islamophobia rampant in both countries. The question I ask is this: the “richness” of multiculturalism. Taking women back 700 years. How is that “rich”?

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