can’t wait to see this movie

I just listened to Moore’s passionate and pithy discourse. He succeeds in diagnosing a deeply emotional issue in a raw and rational way. It’s a powerful message. I love MM. (And I deeply despise Donald Trump! So does Moore. I thought that was obvious …)

Moore explains why many people voted for Trump.

Listen here –


6 thoughts on “can’t wait to see this movie

  1. Have you listened to this trailer! NOT Moore’s version – please no more Trump accolades-
    Check out Bill Maher on you tube – best of the best on Trump’s Abuse of executive power

    • Accolades? Are you kidding? Robin, I intensely loathe Donald Trump, and so does Michael Moore. From my understanding (unless I’m wrong), Moore was merely explaining why those people voted Trump. And yes, I know that the speech was made prior Trump’s election. But it still rings true.

    • Thanks (I’ve already viewed this which is why I can’t wait to see it when it comes out in September.) The image of Moore spraying Flint water onto the governor’s lawn is hilarious.

  2. Thanks for sharing- it helps better understand the why behind the election. However, it looks like the whole thing backfired on all those people hurting in the US. As we know, while Trump went in and did some of the things he promised- tariffs, trade war and is still trying to do some others – wall- he has also generously benefited himself and every other wealthy American with a cushy new tax law and several gifts to corporate American. Don’t be fooled- he’s still a rich white guy and one of “them”. He’s just intent on destroying America and the planet now that he’s in the White House.
    Yes I get how people are hurting in the US. I was back in March and experienced their anger and hurt. I have never been treated more rudely in my luge- and I was only “home” for 2 weeks! Meanwhile our schools are a nightmare, health insurance is a mess, infrastructure is crumbling and who is dealing with that? Not Trymp- he is obsessed with taking apart anything Obama did, tweeting inappropriate tweets about miniriyies and women and dodging the Russian investigation. Is THIS making America great again? The people will answer to this again in November and in 2 years. #notmypresident #notmycountry2018

    • Hi Dawn. Yes, I thought that Moore’s speech eloquently explained to us just why all those people voted Trump. I mean, the tainted water scandal in Flint, Michigan (such a disgrace!) is just one example of citizens fed up to the back teeth with politicians, in particular Governor Rick Snyder. As you say, unfortunately their votes backfired because, in the end, they’re getting nothing but more heartache from Trump.

      It must be so sad and frustrating for all those Americans who cast a Democrat vote as they watch this happening. But you’re not powerless!

      Don’t you think that the Electoral College should be abolished?

      Thanks for commenting.

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